Video Friday: Edith Widder AND Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Yup, you read that right. It’s a special Video Friday with a NOVA Science Now clip that combines to of our favorite science speakers: Neil deGrasse Tyson and Edith Widder. Follow the link below to learn more about Edith Widder’s work as a biologist and explorer who has engineered new ways to spy on a …Read More

Jodi: Track Day

Jodi Solomon, our fearless leader, riding her BMW R850R on Track Day. To learn more about Jodi and why she founded her progressive speakers bureau, click here.

Back to School!

Since school is back in session, maybe it’s time to get to know a few of our professors! Robert Bullard is the Ware Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University. He’s also called the “father of environmental justice” and is the author of 15 books. Stephanie …Read More

Video Friday: Bruce Jacobs

Anti-racism advocate, author, and phenomenol public speaker Bruce A. Jacobs talks about what is fueling bigotry now and what to do about it. As a nationally-praised author and speaker, Bruce A. Jacobsinspires people to question our media, turn off today’s “rage talk” shows, and have real conversations with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Learn more about …Read More

GUILTY! And I haven’t even finished my coffee…

Combine a vaguely-written federal law and an over-eager federal prosecutor, and WHAM! You’re in front of a grand jury before you can say ‘huh?’. Attorney/legal scholar Harvey Silverglate’s new book Three Felonies a Day shows how, for three decades, federal prosecutors and judges have abused their authority to extort and threaten typical Americans. Harvey will …Read More

NOVA + "The Pluto Files" = Awesomeness

OK. How much do you love Neil deGrasse Tyson? And NOVA Science Now? and “The Pluto Files?” Well, PBS NOVA is doing a documentary on “The Pluto Files” and shooting started this month. The documentary will hopefully be broadcast in early spring, in commensurate with the release of the paperback version of the book. Awesome!

Music for Nothing

Jeff Lieberman isn’t just the guy on Discovery Channel’s hit show Time Warp. Lieberman, alongside his friend Eric Gunther, makes up the band gloobic. They just finished the album Music for Nothing, which features guitars, ukuleles, rhodes, ice cold droplets of water,thousands of little static-bugs, robotic crickets, heavy breathing, men masquerading as schoolgirls, and some …Read More

Jerry Lawson: A Cappella King in NYC!

Live in New York City? Looking for something to do today? Check out Jerry Lawson, backed by the Groove Barbers, at The Bitter End! Learn more about Jerry Lawson at JodiSolomonSpeakers/JerryLawson.

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