Ian Cheney

Award-winning documentary filmmaker of King Corn, co-founder of FoodCorps, promoting food advocacy in youth.

  • Ian Cheney (with Curt Ellis) is a co-creator of the Peabody award-winning documentary film King Corn
  • They are leading activists on food, sustainability, and our relationship with the environment
  • Winners of the Heinz Award for their work in the sustainable food movement


Ian Cheney

Ian Cheney’s new film!


BLUESPACE explores the terraforming of Mars and the waterways of New York City. As scientists develop strategies for warming and colonizing the frigid red planet, waterfront dwellers here on Earth grapple with the legacies of pollution and the specter of rising seas. Flowing together, these stories yield timely questions about humankind’s relationship to the natural world: are we part of the environment, or masters of it?