Raymond Bonner

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter whose captivating book Anatomy of Injustice the dirty truths of unethical and sometimes illegal racially charged conduct in the justice system.

  • Anatomy of Injustice is a true story of how an innocent man ends up on death row when state officials engage in unethical and possibly illegal conduct — Bonner examines the legal ramifications of capital punishment while telling the inspiring tale of a lawyer with her own incredible life story.
  • Uncovered truths in El Salvador, Rwanda, Bosnia, Peru, Sudan, Indonesia, Kuwait and Kurdistan
  • Award-winning publications include Weakness and Deceit: U.S. Policy and El Salvador, Waltzing with a Dictator: The Marcoses and the Making of American PolicyAt the Hand of Man: Peril and Hope for Africa’s Wildlife.

Raymond Bonner Anatomy of Injustice