Non Fiction Authors

Jeffrey Simon

An internationally recognized writer, lecturer and consultant on domestic terrorism and political violence. He runs Political Risk Assessment Co., Inc., a security and terrorism research consulting company.

Video: Dr. Simon On the Boston Bombings

Tim Riley Author

Tim Riley

Journalism professor and NPR commentator, Riley’s books on the Beatles and John Lennon are consider definitive works. He also speaks about the way that social media has changed the face of journalism.

Video: Tim Riley on John Lennon

Eugene Linden

Eugene Linden

One of the foremost environmental journalists, Eugene Linden expertly and succinctly explains the science and dynamics of climate change and the social, economic, and environmental effects of global warming.

Video: Carey Dialogues for Global Good

Jon Leiberman

A true 21st century media personality, Jonathan Leiberman has effectively straddled the platforms of TV, radio, and online and print media to search for justice for victims of crimes and their families.

Sonia Shah

What will the next new virus look like? Will it be drug-resistant? Where will it happen next? These are the questions Sonia Shah addresses in her newest book, Pandemic.

Video: Sonia Shah on Malaria