Weekly Round Up: The Science Edition

Happy Wednesday! This week we’re going to take a few peeks at what our science-related speakers are up to these days.   Sandra Steingraber’s environmental research and activism are the focus of the new documentary UNFRACTURED… Daniel H. Wilson’s book ROBOPOCALYPSE is in film development, with Spielberg producing, Michael Bay directing … Michael Mann’s climate …Read More

Weekly Round Up: The Arn Chorn Pond edition

Happy Wednesday! The upcoming Memorial Day holiday reminds us that the world is filled with violent conflict.  Let’s see what one of our speakers has done much to counter the violence.   Arn Chorn Pond survived the Cambodian “Killing Fields” genocide in the 70’s.  By learning to play an instrument in the concentration camp, Arn …Read More

Weekly Round Up: New Work from David Quammen, Daisy Hernandez, Ian Cheney

Happy Wednesday! Who’s got projects in the pipeline these days?   David Quammen’s new book, The Tangled Tree, offers a radical new understanding of ‘The Tree of Life’, and how molecular biology has changed our understanding of evolution, viruses, and the implications for human health. “One of those rare breed of science journalists who blends …Read More

Weekly Round Up: New Projects from Daniel H. Wilson, Sandra Steingraber, Jeff Lieberman

Happy Wednesday! Today let’s look at some of the exciting new projects our speakers are involved in!   Daniel H. Wilson is certainly prolific! We’re still talking about his novel The Clockwork Dynasty, and he’s released another new book! Guardian Angels and Other Monsters is a short story collection. As this review notes, “The stories …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Jeff Lieberman, Dan Moldea, Sandra Steingraber

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to these days …   For you Bay Area folks, there’s tickets still available for the San Francisco Exploratorium’s “Party at the Piers”, featuring keynote speaker Jeff Lieberman! Jeff can explore the universe without leaving his chair, so he’s well-suited for this one.   A great …Read More

Weekly Round Up: The Hot Author’s Edition

Happy Wednesday! This week, let’s look at a few of our speakers with books on the best-seller’s lists!   Neil deGrasse Tyson’s book Astrophysics for People in a Hurry is a few weeks short of a full YEAR on the New York Times best-seller’s list! This book may prove to be the “Dark Side of …Read More

Weekly Round Up: The Earth Day Edition!

Happy Wednesday! For a change of pace and to highlight Sunday’s Earth Day, we’re highlighting three of our environmental heroes:   Biologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber is the focus of the new documentary “UNFRACTURED”, about her fight against the environmental impacts of ‘fracking’ natural gas.   “The father of environmental justice” Robert Bullard recently …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Lilly Ledbetter, Lateefah Simon, Gail Dines

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:   Yesterday was National Equal Pay Day, and Lilly Ledbetter used this opportunity to talk about her #MeToo experiences while working for Goodyear.   Lateefah Simon ran for the BART Board of Directors in San Francisco in response to the infamous murder of …Read More