Weekly Round Up – Holiday Edition

Happy Wednesday!   Usually, we’d be posting news about our speakers, but it’s been a quiet week with the end of the year approaching. We’ll return to posting after the first of the year.   In the meantime, let’s take a positive attitude for what life will hold for us in 2017. And let’s try …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bas Lansdorp, and MARS!

Happy Wednesday! For a change, we have a theme: MARS!   If you missed last week’s Star Talk podcast, you should check it out online or download from ITunes; our favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson chats with our favorite new science fiction author Andy Weir (The Martian).   Speaking of Mars, Bas Lansdorp, speaking at …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Ted Conover, Meg Lowman, Enrique Morones

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week —   Author Ted Conover relates the distressing story of being a bystander to a terrible act of violence in this week’s New Yorker.  Not for the easily upset …   “Canopy” Meg Lowman brought her expertise to New Zealand last week!   …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Michael Tubbs, Lateefah Simon, Neil deGrasse Tyson,

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week!   When the last vote was tallied, two of our speakers were elected to serve their communities! Michael Tubbs is now the first African-American, and youngest person, to be elected Mayor of Stockton, CA!  Over in the Bay Area, Lateefah Simon was elected …Read More

Weekly Round Up – Sandra Steingraber, Neil deGrasse Tyson, David Quammen

Happy Thursday, everyone! Let’s check in on our speakers this week …   Sandra Steingraber recently traveled to Argentina to speak at an environmental conference. “Fracking looks the same wherever it goes; it’s a blight on the landscape” she observed.   Did you catch Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter blast about how the world has changed …Read More

Weekly Round Up — Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jessica Valenti, Bruce Campbell

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers have been up to this week …   Neil deGrasse Tyson has worked on a number of media platforms to get his pro-science message out there – from podcasts to TV shows to live appearances … but now, a metal band? Didn’t see that coming!   Jessica Valenti …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Ted Conover, Sandra Steingraber, Richard Rodriguez

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week … Ted Conover’s new book just came out- he writes “My new book, Immersion: A Writer’s Guide to Going Deep, is just out. It’s about the kind of writing I’m best known for, where the writer learns by placing himself in the world …Read More

Weekly Round Up — Tim Riley, Kate Harding, Jaha Dukureh

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what’s happening with our speakers Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize for Literature has been the subject of debate among the literati. Tim Riley defends the choice with his usual flair and wit. Donald Trump is receiving a ‘thank you’ from feminist activist Kate Harding… for exposing the dark underside of sexual …Read More