Weekly Roundup – Jianli Yang, Bas Lansdorp, Michael Mann

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:   Jianli Yang, Chinese dissident/democracy activist, spoke at the United Nations last week, urging the UN to not admit China to the Human Rights Council. Having spent the better part of five years in a Chinese prison for his activism, Dr. Yang knows …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Bruce Campbell, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael Mann

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are doing this week … Bruce Campbell discusses chain saws, blood kegs, and his plan for surviving a zombie apocalypse: “I’d run and hide …” in this interview   Admit it; you’ve been waiting for a Neil deGrasse Tyson video game, haven’t you?   Climate scientist Michael Mann …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephanie Coontz, David Quammen

Happy Wednesday! Let’s check out what our speakers have been up to … Neil deGrasse Tyson describes his six favorite books. How many of them have you read? Not too late to add to your Christmas list …   “For the past three decades, the average young man without a college degree has consistently done …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lilly Ledbetter, Richard Rodriguez

  Given a chance to ask Neil deGrasse Tyson any question, comedian Andy Samberg naturally asked about the morality of sex with robots. Wouldn’t you? No, you probably wouldn’t, and neither would I. But you can hear the answer here.   Lilly Ledbetter fired up Democratic leaders in Pennsylvania this week.  Equal pay for equal …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Annie Leonard, Charles Johnson

Happy Wednesday! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week …   Neil deGrasse Tyson, never one to miss a chance to poke movie fandom, explains why Star Trek is better than Star Wars. I hope The Force is with him on this one …   In her Huffington Post blog, Annie Leonard …Read More

Weekly Round Up – David Quammen, Michael Mann, Jessica Valenti

Happy Wednesday everyone! Catch up with the latest news from our headlining speakers! David Quammen’s  new book, Yellowstone: A Journey through America’s Wild Heart, is coming out, and he’s interviewed about the challenges of making some familiar feel new … which he accomplished with his usual insight and wit.   Michael Mann’s new book The …Read More

Weekly Roundup – David Quammen, Ian Cheney, Bruce Campbell, Jaha Dukureh

Happy Wednesday! And, for the students and educators out there – welcome back to classes! Let’s see what our speakers are up to this week:   There’s a fun interview in the Boston Globe with David Quammen, about the release of his new book about Yellowstone Park. He mentions that his morning reading includes “Origin …Read More

Weekly Roundup – Kathleen Hanna, Jessica Valenti, and the recently concluded Olympics

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Some updates …   For Kathleen Hanna, brevity is the soul of wit, as she describes in this recent interview … “Which is great, except for when I end up with something where I sing the whole time and there’s no time for me to breathe. And I’m like (laughs) you guys, …Read More