Veterans Day!

We salute our veterans and their families for all the sacrifices they make for our country. We thank you for every thing you do, and happy Veterans Day!   Today the White House announced  that Suzan Harjo –  a writer, curator, and activist who has advocated for improving the lives of Native peoples – has been awarded the Presidential …Read More

Election Day!

Don’t forget to vote today! Your vote counts. It’s the one day that you can exercise your opinion. Quietly.   Hell yeah we are all busy.  Doesn’t it disturb you to hear someone criticize an issue knowing they don’t vote?   Do you want those annoying mean-spirited commercials to stop?  Get out there – walk …Read More

Trending Now: David Quammen, Steven Strogatz, Daisy Hernandez

Get the latest from our speakers with this collection of good reads from around the web:   The New York Times reviews famed science writer David Quammen’s timely new release.  “In  Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus, Mr. Quammen puts the frightening reality of Ebola — and the heightened language and hyperbole surrounding it — …Read More

Elections and Laws: How they’ll be affecting you soon

We don’t need to explain to you the importance of elections and laws in a functioning democracy- but in case you missed it, here are the concrete ways that you might be feeling their impact in the very near future.     Yesterday, Texan voters began sending in their ballots for early voting despite the …Read More

The Ebola Post: Read what leading experts have to say

These days, if you turn on the TV or radio or read a newspaper, you’re bound to see something about Ebola. Here’s what two experts –Sonia Shah and David Quammen– have to say:     Quammen gives readers a bigger picture of the current Ebola outbreak in his newest book, writing,   …”it’s already ten times …Read More

Facing the unknown

This week’s post starts by quoting something the great Tom Hanks who once said:   “A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.”   All of us have “unknowns” in our lives that can be particularly frightening or uncomfortable to face- the new job/school, moving into a new neighborhood, raising a child for …Read More

Let your creativity take over

    Today, our very own Neil deGrasse Tyson and Daisy Hernandez remind us the beauty of creativity. While Dr. Tyson accepted the Most Innovative People Award from the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship yesterday, Ms. Hernandez’s book and life story were described with flying colors by the Latin Post last Wednesday.   The event Dr. Tyson attended …Read More

Getting people to listen!

Jodi Solomon Speakers has been a strong supporter for the People’s Climate March which happened this past Sunday. So what is the next step?  Raising awareness is dependent on getting everyone to listen (governments, companies, and fellow citizens).     The throngs that marched in support of actions to prevent negative climate change got people …Read More