Trending Now: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Project Censored, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan

Congratulations to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey for winning four Emmy awards.     Compliments to the Director of  Project Censored, Mickey Huff, and President, Peter Phillips, for recently receiving  a Pillar Award for Persons of Conscience in New Media and Journalism from the National Whistleblower Summit in Washington, D.C. Follow their Facebook page for more exciting …Read More

Trending Now: Spencer Overton, Michael Tubbs, Jeffrey Simon

Ready for some spectacular news?! Political aficionado, Spencer Overton, has recently been appointed to President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.   A round of applause to the devote community organizer of Stockton, California and muse of documentary True Son, Michael Tubbs, who has been accepted into Stanford’s Design School Fellowship. Check out the talk he had with Google about the documentary …Read More

Trending Now: Dr. Steven Strogatz, Dr. Robert Bullard, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   Outstanding math scholar, Dr. Steven Strogatz, will be showing us how to stimulate our minds and desires with mathematics at the Santa Fe Institute tomorrow. Be prepared at 7:30 PM to learn everything there is to know about numbers! Cornell professor also delves into how “one new thing …Read More

Trending Now: Sonia Shah, Lorene Cary, Ted Conover

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   In connection with her tenure as the Ottaway Prof of Journalism at SUNY, Sonia Shah has launched a new investigative website on Lyme disease.   Lorene Cary, author of If Sons, Then Heirs and Black Ice, speaks about her novels in-depth through an online interview with Deborah …Read More

Trending now: David Quammen, Enrique Morones, Gary Hirshberg

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   Enrique Morones, the founder and executive director of Border Angels, an organization which supplies food and water to the many undocumented immigrants, speaks about the border crises and how we can stop it.   Gary Hirshberg,  co-founder of organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farm, talks with Inc. …Read More

Trending Now: Enrique Morones, Sandra Steingraber, Robert Bullard

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   Amid the controversy and protests of migrants being sent to Southern California –speaker and activist Enrique Morones and his organization, the Border Angels, are leading the efforts to get basic supplies to those families.   Dr. Sandra Steingraber posits that a New York state Court of Appeals …Read More

Trending Now: Steve Brodner, Bruce Campbell, Enrique Morones

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   At the Washington Post Steve Brodner proposes six ways to rebrand Washington’s football team to better reflect Washington.   Head over to Colorlines and check out Rinku Sen’s essay on The Civil Rights Act’s 50th anniversary and how workplaces remain segregated.   Human-rights activist …Read More

Trending Now: Wade Davis, Amir Aczel, Arn Chorn-Pond

Here’s the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:   Congratulations to Wade Davis on being inducted into the National Gay & Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.   Over at Discover Magazine, Amir Aczel gives readers a rundown of the latest developments concerning the recently discovered Higgs Boson Particle.   The Khmer edition of Never Fall …Read More