Kate Clinton at TEDxWomen!

Trending Now: Sandra Steingraber, Wade Davis, Arsalan Iftikhar

Here’s what our speakers have been up to this week:   In an open letter to the NYT, Dr. Sandra Steingraber challenges the claim that there exists a “right way” to frack.   Arsalan Iftikhar talks with NPR about the tragic kidnappings in Nigeria and discusses how groups like Boko Haram are distorting the Muslim …Read More

Trending Now: Lilly Ledbetter, Richard Feldman, and Gary Hirshberg

Want the latest from our speakers who are making headlines? Look no further:   The Toledo Blade chronicles Lilly Ledbetter’s journey to becoming the face of the movement for equal pay for equal work.   Gawker media poses an interesting question: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson has done wonders to popularize science, who will do the same for the humanities?   Congratulations to Richard …Read More

Behind the Scenes: Neil deGrasse Tyson ponders Iron Man’s ARC Reactor

What’s trending now: Michael Tubbs, Jessica Valenti, and more!

Here’s what is trending from some of our speakers, activists, and change makers:   The Huffington Post interviews Michael Tubbs and proclaims that the 23 year old councilman from Stockton, California will restore your faith in politicians.  True Son, a documentary film about councilman Tubbs, debuted last week at the Tribeca Film Festival.   In …Read More

Kate Clinton Teams Up with Lily Tomlin!

What’s Trending Now: Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!  Our environmental change makers are speaking around the world today encouraging communities to take action to protect the planet we live on.   What’s the one thing you’ve done this year to create change?  Was it hard to do?   In other news,  Spin.com recounts the busy year of riot grrrl Kathleen …Read More

Where Arts and Science Meet: Ainissa Ramirez at TEDxBroadway