Weekly Round Up: Football and the Farm Bill

We are gearing up for the NACA 2014 Conference right here in our home city of Boston! We look forward to seeing everyone there!   We hope that everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl! Congratulations to our friends in Seattle and condolences to our friends in Denver!   Be sure to check out NPR’s sit-down with …Read More

Weekly Round Up – State of the Union and more!

Good afternoon!   We start off with a quick reminder that President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address this evening. The address is scheduled to begin at 9PM.  Look for fierce crusader and client,  Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, who will be in attendance!   We are very …Read More

Activist 2.0 from Eco-Warrior Productions

Weekly Round Up: From Gender Equality to Net Neutrality

Happy Tuesday!   Looks like our neighbors on the East coast are bracing for another snowstorm over the next few days, stay safe and stay warm!  We hope that everyone celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday!   We honor his legacy and work and encourage folks to remember him in giving back to their communities.   Here’s …Read More

Weekly Round Up: NFL Helmet Bans and Tips for Getting Your Life in Order

Already 2 weeks down in 2014 – be strong and stick to those resolutions! Here’s what our speakers have been up to thus far in the new year.   In the Memphis Flyer, Susan Douglas publishes a scathing condemnation of right-wing political spending.  “Among the many visionary goals of our nation’s right wing — impoverish …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Guns, Geeks, and Galaxies

First blog of 2014!  We’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and powerful new year.  Also a warm one—watch out for the polar vortex!   Latin Heat loved Diana Yanez in the Latina Christmas Special, which left audiences “dreaming of a Brown Christmas.”  After Ellen talks to Yanez about family and where she finds her funny, and she enlightens audiences and …Read More

Weekly Round Up: 2013 in Voting Rights, Science Reads, and Wine

Last blog of 2013!   With a little help from Steven Strogatz at the New York Times, Annalee Newitz at io9 puzzles through the mystery and consistency of Zipf’s law, formulated by a linguist in 1949, which accurately predicts rank and frequency, power and size relations in everything from languages to cities to bodies.  She …Read More

Weekly Round Up: Black Geniuses and the Feminist Police

Rinku Sen observes the passing of Nelson Mandela, the distortion of his legacy, and the lessons for racial justice activists.  If you’d prefer good news, Rinku Sen comes through for you again in this video which compiles 10 wins for racial justice in 2013.   Crosscut talks to Dr. Charles Johnson and his daughter Elisheba Johnson about their collaboration on Emery Jones: …Read More