Steven Strogatz: 2012 Induction Ceremony

LGBT History Month icon Kate Clinton

Famed Ecologist Sandra Steingraber Condemns Fracking…

TedxCambridge – Jeff Lieberman

Guess Who?

Two more pictures and a last hint!  Any guesses yet? The picture below is from an exhibit is at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science! 

Guess Who?

Here is a second round… One more picture, hope it helps! And here’s a hint… HE also loves art!  Any guesses? 

Guess Who?

Guess who?  Can you figure out which one of our speakers is linked to this picture?  Hint: This speaker LOVES science!  Stay tuned for more photos and hints… 

Check out Ainissa Ramirez in "Science Xplained: Napoleon’s Buttons"!