Ground NASA? Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses with Martin Bashir on MSNBC

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A degree in Economics got Daniel Seddiqui 50 Jobs in 50 States… Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on discusses “Grounding NASA?” with Martin Bashir.  Check out his interview… Green Q&A: What’s the status of the proposed Safe Cosmetics Act?  What does Stacy Malkan have to say…  Rinku Sen shares “An Open Address to 2011 Graduates: It’s …Read More

Surfing For Change – Kyle Thiermann featuring Jack Johnson and Annie Leonard

Kate Clinton – GayPridium

Travel Tips – Our Five Favorite Smartphone Apps

As an agency we handle a lot of travel — getting our speakers to their engagements and back home again with ease is our goal.  Delays, cancellations, weather or mechanical issues can happen and we have some tips and tricks to help us get through some of these unforeseen challenges!  Here are our five favorite …Read More

My Water’s On Fire Tonight – The Fracking Song

Out in America Preview – Featuring Kate Clinton & Urvashi Vaid

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Kate Clinton’s New CD – Lady HAHA

Kate Clinton’s newest and ninth CD, Lady HAHA, highlights the originality and intellectual ferocity of one of America’s finest political comedians like no prior CD she has released.  Also catch Kate as she celebrates her 30th Anniversary with her new show THE GLEE PARTY nationwide.