Video Friday: Tim Riley on the Beatles Remastered

=”text/javascript”src=””> With all the buzz about the release of the Beatles Remastered, it’s easy to forget exactly why the new release is such a big deal. Luckily, Tim Riley, author of “Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary” and contributing music critic for NPR, spoke with Jeffrey Brown on the NewsHour about the Beatles Remastered. As …Read More

A British Invasion

Released today, CNN has already called the newly remastered Beatles box sets “a treat for a casual fan and a dream come true for die-hards.” And people (especially ’round here in Boston!) are already talking about the ability for three players to sing and harmonize all at once with the new Beatles: Rock Band game, …Read More

Video Friday: "At the Edge of the World" Trailer

Salon admits that if you’re already inclined to believe that Sea Shepherd’s tactics are reckless and irresponsible, the film “At the Edge of the World” isn’t likely to change your mind. But Salon writer Andrew O’Hehir injects his own opinion into his review of the documentary: “What I see here is 46 people from many …Read More

Applying Lead to Your Lips?

Everytime you gloss on a bright red hue of lipstick, you’re also introducing lead into your system. Seriously Years ago, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported there was lead in more than 60% of the 33 top lipsticks. The study was groundbreaking and the FDA promised to look into the situation. Now, in 2009, the …Read More

Man, We LOVE This Ship!

If Batman joined Sea Shepherd, this is the boat he would bring… Check out the updates being made to the Earthrace here.

Weekly RoundUp & Video Friday

Busy, busy week . . . Bad News: Season two of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars ended last week. Good News: 3.2 million viewers tuned in to watch AND the network announced the third season. Read the LA Times article on the popularity of Captain Paul Watson and the crew. And for VIDEO FRIDAY, check out …Read More

Welcome & Congratulations!

Jodi Solomon Speakers is excited to welcome a new speaker: NORMA RAMOS Norma Ramos is a longstanding public interest attorney and social justice activist. She currently serves as the Co-Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, which is the first organization to fight against human trafficking internationally, now in its twenty-first year. PLUS, …Read More

Way Back Wednesday

Just a few quick notes . . . Recent economic stresses have been challenging some families’ ways of living together peacefully. Can unhappy couples afford the luxury to divorce? Stephanie Coontz, history and family professor at Evergreen State College talks to Marty Moss-Coane on WHYY about the economic effects on marriage. Listen to Stephanie Coontz …Read More