Weekly RoundUp & Video Friday

Busy, busy week . . . Bad News: Season two of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars ended last week. Good News: 3.2 million viewers tuned in to watch AND the network announced the third season. Read the LA Times article on the popularity of Captain Paul Watson and the crew. And for VIDEO FRIDAY, check out …Read More

Welcome & Congratulations!

Jodi Solomon Speakers is excited to welcome a new speaker: NORMA RAMOS Norma Ramos is a longstanding public interest attorney and social justice activist. She currently serves as the Co-Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, which is the first organization to fight against human trafficking internationally, now in its twenty-first year. PLUS, …Read More

Way Back Wednesday

Just a few quick notes . . . Recent economic stresses have been challenging some families’ ways of living together peacefully. Can unhappy couples afford the luxury to divorce? Stephanie Coontz, history and family professor at Evergreen State College talks to Marty Moss-Coane on WHYY about the economic effects on marriage. Listen to Stephanie Coontz …Read More

Piracy, Retirement and the Next Galileo

Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” may be drawing to an end soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of Captain Paul Watson and his whale saving work. The new documentary “At the Edge of the World” chronicles the 2006-2007 campaign by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to prevent the annual harvest of whales …Read More

Weekly Roundup 8.21.09

Here’s the weekly roundup of speaker’s events, interviews, articles and even recipes! Today, NYC radio institution “Health Styles” will be guest hosted by The Women’s Media Center! The show will focus on current women’s issues within health care, including health care reform and maternal health, whether abstinence-only education is a cause for rising teen pregnancy …Read More

The Longest Ride EVER.

Guess what’s happening as we speak? The 2009 Space Elevator Conference! This four-day long event features movies, presentations and workshops for engineers and entrepreneurs who want to build an elevator that actually goes to space. Seriously. Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss the notion of a space elevator.

Summer Reading Idea: "Racial Justice in the Age of Obama"

Looking for a powerful new summer read? “Racial Justice in the Age of Obama” by Roy Brooks critiques both liberals and conservatives, using data and analysis to discuss post-racial America. Brooks highlights the continuing problems of racial disparity, while also encouraging debates and discussion on the issue of race in the twenty-first century Charles Ogletree, …Read More

Firsthand Account of Global Warming in the Arctic

Our friend, environmentalist, and amazing speaker Bob Reiss is currently researching global warming in the Arctic. He sent us a quick note to let us know what he’s up to, and we’re super impressed. Reiss has been flying with the Coast Guard to remote villages in the Arctic and SubArctic, meeting with elders, hunters and …Read More