Weekly Roundup: Watson, Tyson & Pond. Oh My!

How was your week? Ours here at Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau was pretty good. We read some interesting articles and watched a few funny (and a few inspirational) clips. Oh, and we worked. See what our speakers have to say: – Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about his favorite NOVA episode here. And, since it’s Tyson, …Read More

Video Friday: "Tapped"

“Bottled water is the greatest advertising and marketing trick of all time” – Tapped Tapped is a documentary about bottled water. And sure, that may sound simple. But the film goes deep into the core of bottled water, delving into issues like water privatization, environmental impacts, lax regulation, health concerns, and all that plastic. The …Read More

Two for the Price of One

Looking to head to med school after undergrad? What if you could gain admission to both…At the same time? Oh, and what if you could go for free? Greg Pence of University of Alabama at Birmingham is the director of the school’s Early Medical School Acceptance Program and says “That you can have a place …Read More

A Healing Hope

Lessons from a WWII ghetto resonate with doctors today by Judy Foreman “In the Lodz ghetto in Poland, home to as many as 204,000 Jews during World War II, there were 170 doctors, as well as a few nurses and midwives, according to diaries and memoirs. Like all the others, the Jewish healers lived with …Read More

Weekly Roundup

With Twitter and Facebook dysfunctioning this week, it’s possible you may have missed some seriously interesting news stories. Check out our Weekly Roundup below! The highly anticipated film The Cove has been all over the place this week. Read what the LA Times says about the film here, listen to an interview with filmmaker Louie …Read More

Video Friday: Storm Chaser Warren Faidley

Imagine if your job required you to stand in the winds of a Category 5 hurricane. That’s just one of the adventures of Warren Faidley, the world’s first full-time professional storm chaser. He regularly risks his life to capture some of the most breathtaking images of extreme weather and Warren’s first-hand experiences of outwitting storms …Read More

Friends of the Bureau Celebrate Mutual Birthday

Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau would like to wish both President Obama and Helen Thomas a very happy (although slightly belated) birthday! Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas turned 89 yesterday, while our current President celebrated his 48th birthday. Obama (a former speaker for Jodi Solomon) visited the White House Press room and brought cupcakes to …Read More

Summer Reading Idea: "Not Just a Pretty Face"

May we make a hot suggestion for your summer reading list? “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, ” the award-winning book by Stacy Malkan, is a light – yet thought-provoking – read. It’s even better shared, which is why Stacy and the Campaign invite you, your book club and …Read More