Video Friday: "The Cove" Premiere with Paul Watson

It’s Video Friday! And if you live in LA, then you’re extra lucky. Tonight is a special screening of the movie The Cove with Paul Watson at The Landmark Theatre at 7:30. Winner of the 2009 Audience Award at Sundance, along with many other awards, The Cove is a film about the secret world of …Read More

EPA looks at effects of waste plants on minorities, poor – LA Times

“The Environmental Protection Agency is focusing on the effect of hazardous waste recycling plants on minorities and low-income communities. The move hearkens back to a Clinton-era executive order that required federal agencies to consider the effect of their policies on disadvantaged communities. Although the Bush administration largely ignored the mandate, Obama-appointed EPA administrator Lisa P. …Read More

Expenses to Budget for When Bringing in a Speaker

You’ve decided on a fabulous speaker for your upcoming event. The date is set. You’re getting excited . . . But there are still a few details to work out. Like the budget. You’ve already factored in the speakers fee, sure. But besides that, what other expenses should your organization budget? Although not all of …Read More

"Shange’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Has Staying Power" – CNN

Ntozake Shange was inspired by a rainbow to “unearth unspeakable secrets.” So she wrote the play “For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf.” The play, which is a mainstay at theatre companies across the country (as well as a popular book for high school students), was a sensation upon its …Read More

Orca Eye-In-The-Sea Camera on Brink TONIGHT!

The CBS television news magazine Brink will air a segment on the ORCA Eye-In-The-Sea tonight (Monday, July 20) at 10:30pm EST on The Science Channel. Tune in to hear ORCA’s Dr. Edith Widder talk about the world’s first deep sea webcam, fascinating animals that glow in the dark, the challenges of deep sea exploration and …Read More

The Calculus of Friendship: Steve Strogatz and Alan Alda

Join renowned actor Alan Alda and author Steven Strogatz at the 92nd Street Y for a touching and humorous discussion about Strogatz’s remarkable relationship with his calculus teacher. Chronicled in more than 30 years of letters between them, the pair take refuge from life’s challenges in the haven of calculus and each other. Learn more …Read More

Video Friday (Again): "The Calculus of Friendship"

Sure, we’ve already posted a Friday video. But we couldn’t resist sharing this great clip of Steven Strogatz discussing the calculus of friendship. Be sure to look for his new book, “The Calculus of Friendship,” due out this fall. Learn more about Steven Strogatz at JodiSolomonSpeakers/StevenStrogatz.

Video Friday: Interview with Jessica Valenti

* Favorite Quote: “Activism can really change your life for the better.” – Jessica Valenti To learn more about Jessica or “The Purity Myth,” please visit or (And be sure to tune in to CNN today around noon for an interview with the fabulous Ntozake Shange!)