Charles Johnson

National Book Award winner for Middle Passage, Charles Johnson has also written the novels Oxherding Tale, Dreamer, Faith and the Good Thing, and Night Hawks.

His books include: Black Humor, Faith and the Good Thing , Oxherding Tale, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Tales and Conjurations, Being and Race: Black Writing Since 1970, Dreamer, Soulcatcher: And Other Stories, Turning the Wheel, Dr. King’s Refrigerator: And Other Bedtime Stories


And his new story collection, Night Hawks. From the New York Times Book Review:


“Reading these stories, one feels honored to be in the presence of Johnson’s witty philosophical mind, and, not incidentally, stunned by the graceful virtuosity of his sentences. His book is a small treasure, one to be read and considered and reread.”


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