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Trending Now: Michael Tubbs, Amir Aczel, Arsalan Iftikhar

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Here’s what some of our speakers have been up to this week:


Congratulations to Michael Tubbs on being nominated for one of EBONY’s Heroes Next Door awards.


Amir Azcel’s latest book: Why Science Does not Disprove God, receives a glowing review in the Washington Post.


Arsalan Iftikhar sits down with St. Louis Public radio to discuss everything from culture to Al Sharpton to Letterman’s replacement.


The Economist profiles Dr. Charles Johnson and explores the importance of his newest novel: “Bending Time: The Adventures of Emery Jones, Boy Science Wonder.”


Check out Master of Wine, Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, sabering open a bottle of champagne!


Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan


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Trending Now: Equal Pay Day, SNL, and The Search for General TSO

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Here’s what our speakers are up to this week:


Women’s rights leader and speaker Lilly Ledbetter joins President Barack Obama as he plans to sign two executive orders today to mark Equal Pay Day.


Check out a great spoof of Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on Saturday Night Live (jump to 3:05).


Ian Cheney’s latest film, THE SEARCH FOR GENERAL TSO hits the big screen in a few weeks at the Independent Film Festival of Boston.


At the Washington Blade, comedian and speaker Kate Clinton describes the importance of documenting the history of the LGBTQ movement.


Don’t forget to check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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Weekly Round Up: Awards and TV Premieres

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Entertainment Weekly selects Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey as one of their must see TV debuts of the season! Why are they so excited?  “Tyson is as entertaining as he is brainy and jaw dropping visuals make you forget that you are actually learning while you are watching TV. Cosmos should have a place in science classrooms for years to come.”


Congratulations to one of our newest speakers Shola Lynch, her recent film Free Angela has won the NAACP Image Award for Excellence in the theatrical documentary category!


Head over to HUB magazine where political cartoonist Steve Brodner sits down to discuss the role of caricature in our political discourse.


In an interview with the Seattle Times, Charles Johnson explains why we need characters like Emery Jones Boy Science Wonder. “The Johnsons hope their book will show children of color that there are others who have been bullied and prevailed and that being talented and smart is a wonderful thing.”


Finally, be sure to check out the new ABC series Resurrection, based on the latest book by author and speaker Jason Mott!


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Weekly Round-up: Thanks for a great NACA Convention!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

It has been wonderful seeing all of our NACA friends this week! If you’re at the convention here in Boston and haven’t had a chance to stop by and see us at booth D1217, we’ll be there this afternoon!


On March 9th at 9:00PM ET, Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey hosted by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, will premiere on all 90 National Geographic Channels as well as 120 Fox-branded channels in over 180 countries —  making this the largest global launch ever for a TV series. Check out the official trailer here!


Speaking of Nat Geo, over at National this week David Quammen writes a piece exploring the critical role horses have played throughout human history.


In celebration of Black History Month, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez introduces us to some notable men and women of African descent who made great achievements in science, technology and engineering.


Fifty years ago this week, the House of Representatives passed the Civil Rights Act. At Stephanie Coontz reflects on the progress that has been made and the many problems which still persist.


Why does Superman have a headache? Check out the latest from The Adventures of Emery Jones Boy Science Wonder to find out.


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