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Weekly Roundup: Carolina De Robertis, Dr. Robert Bullard, Raffi Cavoukian

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone! Catch up with latest news from some of our headlining speakers:


Hats off to Carolina De Robertis, whose novel The Gods of Tango has received a Stonewall Book Award — the Barbara Gittings Literature Award, from the American Library Association. The book also was named a San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of the Year and one of NBC Latino’s Ten Best Latino Books of 2015.


Dr. Robert Bullard’s piece for the environmental magazine Ensia answers the important question “In 2016, how can environmental issues become everyone’s issues?”  Read what he has to say about what we can learn from the Environmental Justice framework.


On Saturday, Raffi went back to his singalong roots when he performed Baby Beluga, as he does at every concert, at the Royal Theatre in Victoria, BC. Check out the write-up in which he shares his thoughts on his new album Owl Singalong, balancing his political beliefs with his pop star role, and embracing an “every day is precious” philosophy.


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Weekly Roundup: Dr. Robert Bullard, Ted Conover, Spencer Overton

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Hope everyone is having a great week! Check out the latest news from a few of our awesome change-makers:


Big congratulations this week to the Father of Environmental Justice, Dr. Robert Bullard – winner of not one but TWO awards: The American Bar Association Award for Excellence in Environment, Energy, and Resources Stewardship, and the Iowa State University Alumni Association, Alumni Merit Award. Thank you so much for all your great work!


Check out Ted Conover’s investigation into the “vanishing breed of the country vet” in which he explores how changes in agriculture have changed everything for the country veterinarian business, and the importance of keeping it alive.


As we gear up for the next presidential election, President of The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Spencer Overton celebrates all his hard work to build “a stable foundation, a growing and committed team and a bright future” for the center. Read about what he has to say in this article from The Louisiana Weekly!


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Trending Now: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ian Cheney, Edith Widder

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

We hope that the new year is off to a strong start for everyone! For some inspiration, here are the latest updates from some of our awesome speakers and change-makers:


Neil deGrasse Tyson is getting his own talk show on the National Geographic Channel, appropriately titled Star Talk.


Ian Cheney‘s latest film, The Search for General TSO, opens in theaters this month.


Head over to NPR and listen to Dr. Edith Widder talk about what it took to find the giant squid.


Over at WNPRNews, Dr. Robert Bullard discusses “Toxic Communities” and the Fight for Environmental Justice.


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Getting people to listen!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Jodi Solomon Speakers has been a strong supporter for the People’s Climate March which happened this past Sunday. So what is the next step?  Raising awareness is dependent on getting everyone to listen (governments, companies, and fellow citizens).


People's Climate Marchers including your very own, Jodi Solomon

People’s Climate Marchers, including your very own, Jodi Solomon


The throngs that marched in support of actions to prevent negative climate change got people listening due to the sheer number of people participating. When the hundreds of thousands of marchers like Michael MannChuck Collins, Sandra Steingraber Tim DeChristopherAnnie LeonardDavid Helvarg, and Emily Hunter, Robert Bullard, talked to their friends, family, co-workers, social media networkers and fans, you can imagine the multiplied effect of this awareness.   One person can make a difference.



Sandra Steingraber making her voice heard

Sandra Steingraber making her voice heard

Sandra Steingraber and Tim deChristopher rally support together

Sandra Steingraber and Tim deChristopher rally support together














How will you help to spread the word?


Trending Now: Enrique Morones, Sandra Steingraber, Robert Bullard

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Amid the controversy and protests of migrants being sent to Southern California –speaker and activist Enrique Morones and his organization, the Border Angels, are leading the efforts to get basic supplies to those families.


Dr. Sandra Steingraber posits that a New York state Court of Appeals decision defending municipalities’ right to prohibit fracking through the use of zoning laws is only the beginning. “It’s a step in the right direction but it’s not sufficient. The pollutants we’re concerned about don’t recognize municipal boundaries.”


“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” starring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson has become the most-watched series ever for National Geographic Channel International.


Dr. Robert Bullard’s latest article describes how Houston’s experimental recycling plan targets minority neighborhoods for a waste facility.


Check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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Trending now: Robert Bullard, Kyle Thiermann, Ntozake Shange

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Here’s the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Guernica Magazine talks with Dr. Robert Bullard about the politics of protection and vulnerability.


On June 16, a benefit presentation of Ntozake Shange’s Tony Award-nominated play “For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf” was held at  Harlem Hospital Pavilion.


Head over to ESPN and check out some awesome action pictures from Kyle Thiermann as well as an interview on his mission to change the world!


Be sure to catch the latest adventure from Emery Jones — Boy Science Wonder!


That’s all for us — be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video! 



Weekly Round Up – State of the Union and more!

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Good afternoon!


We start off with a quick reminder that President Obama will deliver the State of the Union Address this evening. The address is scheduled to begin at 9PM.  Look for fierce crusader and client,  Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, who will be in attendance!


We are very encouraged by President Obama and Vice President Biden’s recent announcement that they will be forming a task force to address the very real problem of sexual assault on college campuses. The White House Council on Women and Girls report, entitled “Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action,” found that 22 million American women and 1.6 million men have been victims of sexual assaults. The Obama Administration needs to be commended for keeping this issue at the forefront of our national conversation.


Now let’s take a look at what some of our other speakers have been up to this past week…


First, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to our newest client, filmmaker Shola Lynch!


Less than two months to go until the March 9th premiere of the new Cosmos series on Fox! Check out Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s chat with ADWEEK in which he describes his first taste of the universe: “When you’re a New Yorker, there is no night sky,” he says. “You’ll see the moon, maybe a planet or two, but there’s no relationship with the night sky. So, I saw my first night sky at age 9 at the Hayden Planetarium. And it was so compelling and so much of a kind of mental baptism that I thought it was a hoax. But that was it—that was the night the universe chose me to study it.”


Eco-warrior Emily Hunter has been hard at work on her latest documentary series entitled “Activism 2.0”.  The first installment of the new series focuses on the group “The Black Fish”.  You can see a clip from the film here.


Surfing for Change activist Kyle Thiermann rides some giant swells and continues to spread his environmental message at the Mavericks Invitational in Half Moon Bay, CA.


On NPR’s Tell Me More, Spencer Overton and Heritage Sr. Legal Fellow John Malcolm have a lively discussion on the Voting Rights Amendment Act and the Presidential Commission on Election Administration Proposals.


Evil Dead and Burn Notice star, Bruce Campbell, talks with the Columbian about his appreciation for conventions like this past weekend’s Wizard World Portland Comic Con, which have opened up fan access to celebrities.  “When I was a kid, I didn’t have any place to go to meet my heroes,” Campbell said. “Baseball did some of that early on (with signing and card trading events) but the comic con and pop culture stuff – that came later.”


Dr. Robert Bullard pens a piece for Op Ed News explaining “Why Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security Must Be a National Priority”.


Finally, we leave you on a comical note – head over to Forbes to check out Liza Donnelly’s interview with Kate Clinton as a part of her series on ‘Professionally Funny Women’.


Have a great week and be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video!