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Trending Now: Charles Johnson, Enrique Morones, Ntozake Shange

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Check out the latest updates from some of our awesome speakers and change-makers:


We are pleased to announce that Charles Johnson’s newest book:  The Adventures of Emery Jones Boy Science Wonder – The Hard Problem, will be officially published this Sunday 2/15/2015.


Emery Jones - The Hard Problem

Activist and speaker Enrique Morones explained the history of Border Angels and water drops as he guided ThinkProgress reporters across the desert.

As we begin Black History Month, The New York Public Library Podcast welcomes the great American playwright and poet Ntozake Shange, creator of the Obie-Award-winning play “for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf.”

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Trending Now: Emily Hunter, Gail Dines, Enrique Morones

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Check out the interactive version of Emily Hunter’s documentary story ACTIVISM 2.0 made available in various online newspapers across Canada this weekend!



Enrique Morones visits the White House to discuss the President’s recent executive action on immigration and to discuss what more needs to be done.


Gail Dines doesn’t hold back when she discusses pornography and its harmful effects, calling porn “the butcher shop of women.”


Head over to WUWM and check out a great conversation with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson about how science is found everywhere.


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Taking the Road Less Traveled

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014



As the summer comes to a close and the school year starts up again, we are reminded of the great potential for societal change that comes with the next group of bright young minds taking their spin on the newest (and oldest) debates. Will they become the next generation’s status-quo challengers to join the ranks of people like Daisy Hernandez, Charles C. Mann and Enrique Morones? And why should we limit such an honor to the students- aren’t all of us potential movers and shakers? In the hopes of sparking your minds and hearts to challenge what you see as society’s greatest challenges, we invite you to take a peak at how some are taking the road less traveled


1. Daisy Hernandez

This week on NPR’s Codeswitch, Hernandez challenged readers to reflect on the way Latina women are portrayed in today’s mainstream media and the hidden antagonism therein. She writes, “The sad news is that even when Latina women are in the majority on TV screens, the industry still focuses on their rear ends.” Her solution: getting more ladies in decision-making roles behind the camera to refocus the lens.


2. Charles C. Mann

This Sunday, Mr. Mann showed he doesn’t shy away from making some bold statements that should make almost all Americans shift in their seats. In an article from Tulsa World on Sunday, James D. Watts Jr. briefly traces Charles C. Mann’s scientific search to uncover what the pre-Christopher Columbus United States really looked like. His findings challenge many American’s preconceived notions of Native Americans as primitive, simple-minded and small in populace. Instead, he defends the existence of “networks of large cities in the lower Amazon, and thousands of earthworks built on the western side of the Amazon,” far from the “‘untouched wilderness'” some believe to be the case.


3. Enrique Morones

Morones doesn’t accept hateful relationships between immigrants and citizens as run-of-the-mill,  as a “you win some, you lose some” sort of problem. As an observer at a recent protest for immigrants’ rights, the director of Border Angels (NGO that gives migrants crossing the desert border water) aimed not to tear down the opposing side’s arguments or image, but rather took note the consequences of hate. As some attendees yelled slurs at a bus filled with migrant children, Morones remarked to an interviewer, “It  was horrific to see, because the children inside the bus and their moms were crying. They don’t speak English, but they understand hate.” Instead of feeding this hate, he serves water.


As you sit on the train/bus/in the car on your way home from work/shopping/appointments today, think of these individuals and ask yourself: When was the last time you complained about a societal problem? When was the last time you did something about it?



Trending Now: Spencer Overton, Michael Tubbs, Jeffrey Simon

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Ready for some spectacular news?! Political aficionado, Spencer Overton, has recently been appointed to President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African-Americans.


A round of applause to the devote community organizer of Stockton, California and muse of documentary True SonMichael Tubbs, who has been accepted into Stanford’s Design School Fellowship. Check out the talk he had with Google about the documentary based off of his life and accomplishments, True Son


Terrorism expert, Jeffrey Simon, has been featured on CNN as a guest speaker upon the subject matter of female terrorists rapidly rising throughout the nation.


Congrats to the fascinating author of A Cup of Water Under my BedDaisy Hernández, on receiving a phenomenal review from Booklist and writer Diego Báez. Read the excerpt of this bang-up review on her website. 


Join Enrique Morones and his organization Border Angels, on August 21st, as they visit Holtville Cemetery— “a location of where 700 unidentified migrants are buried.” It is an educational and communal experience.


What an eventful week! Sandra Steingraber, advocate for anti-fracking, has extensively updated her website. Novel updates include sections on fracking and civil disobedience as well as current event listings about upcoming public appearances.




Don’t forget to like her book’s page Raising Elijah on Facebook  for constant updates on her fight against fracking.


Join Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder on his latest adventure:




Trending Now: Dr. Steven Strogatz, Dr. Robert Bullard, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Outstanding math scholar, Dr. Steven Strogatz, will be showing us how to stimulate our minds and desires with mathematics at the Santa Fe Institute tomorrow. Be prepared at 7:30 PM to learn everything there is to know about numbers! Cornell professor also delves into how “one new thing leads to another” with a colorful diagram and the use of mathematical sense.


The Sierra Club, a prominent grassroots environmental organization, has reported that a novel award will be generated in the name of Dr. Robert Bullard for his work in environmental research and activism.


This year’s Apostacon event will feature documentary host of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson— their most eminent host thus far. Get your tickets to the largest convention that headlines speakers and figures whom concentrate on atheism, science and skepticism on September 19 to 21 in Omaha, Nebraska.


Richard Rodriguez, author of the acclaimed Brown: The Last Discovery of America, declares that there is a decline in news literacy in a brief Q&A with New America Media.


Enrique Moronesthe founder and executive director of Border Angels, will be one of the riveting panelists to discuss the exodus of refugees at UCCLM’s Friendship Hall on Sunday, August 17th, at 3:00 PM. Morones lives by the values of benevolence and rationality– you wouldn’t want to miss this! 


Kathleen Hanna, the muse of documentary “The Punk Singer,”  is recognized by performer Miley Cyrus on popular photo- and video-sharing app, Instagram, when Hanna was in her Bikini Kill days. Do we smell a feminist and musical collaboration?


Author of the infamous Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage, Stephanie Coontz, gets an excerpt of her interview from  Mama: Dispatches from the Frontline of Love quoted onto about parenting.


Want a good laugh? Well,  Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder lets us in on his latest adventure.



Trending now: David Quammen, Enrique Morones, Gary Hirshberg

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Enrique Morones, the founder and executive director of Border Angels, an organization which supplies food and water to the many undocumented immigrants, speaks about the border crises and how we can stop it.


Gary Hirshberg,  co-founder of organic yogurt company Stonyfield Farm, talks with Inc. Magazine about what company founders must do in order to grow.


Speaker and National Geographic writer David Quammen is researching the Yellowstone region for a special issue of the magazine to be released in 2015.  In its 126-year history, this is the first time the magazine will have devoted an entire issue to one subject.


Ebony Magazine has named speaker Wade Davis as one of the top 10 Black LGBT trailblazers on the rise.


Head over to to read Claudia Dreifus’ interview with Nadine Gordimer.


Check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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Trending Now: Enrique Morones, Sandra Steingraber, Robert Bullard

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Amid the controversy and protests of migrants being sent to Southern California –speaker and activist Enrique Morones and his organization, the Border Angels, are leading the efforts to get basic supplies to those families.


Dr. Sandra Steingraber posits that a New York state Court of Appeals decision defending municipalities’ right to prohibit fracking through the use of zoning laws is only the beginning. “It’s a step in the right direction but it’s not sufficient. The pollutants we’re concerned about don’t recognize municipal boundaries.”


“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” starring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson has become the most-watched series ever for National Geographic Channel International.


Dr. Robert Bullard’s latest article describes how Houston’s experimental recycling plan targets minority neighborhoods for a waste facility.


Check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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Trending Now: Steve Brodner, Bruce Campbell, Enrique Morones

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


At the Washington Post Steve Brodner proposes six ways to rebrand Washington’s football team to better reflect Washington.


Head over to Colorlines and check out Rinku Sen’s essay on The Civil Rights Act’s 50th anniversary and how workplaces remain segregated.


Human-rights activist Enrique Morones speaks during a rally in support of immigrants in San Diego. has declared Bruce Campbell the king of all cult actors.


Check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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