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Weekly Round Up: Kate Harding, Jim Lucas, Neil deGrasse Tyson

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone! Catch up with latest news from some of our headlining speakers:


Congratulations to Kate Harding who has been named one of two visiting writers for the Cornell College Center for the Literary Arts!


Be sure to check out the newest book from Sonia Shah, Pandemic.  Available now!


Head over to tech insider to find out which are Neil deGrasse Tyson’s top ten favorite Hollywood aliens!


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Weekly Round-up: Lilly Ledbetter, Sonia Shah, Caroline De Robertis

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Here are the latest updates from our speakers who have been making headlines:


Lilly Ledbetter’s fight for equal pay for equal work is set to get the big screen treatment!  Feminist Filmmaker Rachel Feldman’s award-winning script, Ledbetter, explores the titular star’s historic face-off with tire giant Goodyear; with it, the veteran director is rebooting the woman-driven, socially conscious drama genre.  Go Lilly!


Be on the look out for Pandemic, the newest book from Sonia Shah, set for release in February 2016.  Pandemic explores the origins of epidemics, drawing parallels between the story of cholera–one of history’s most disruptive and deadly pathogens–and the new pathogens that stalk humankind today, from Ebola and avian influenza to drug-resistant superbugs.





Check out another thoughtful and positive review of Caroline De Robertis’ newest novel:  The Gods of Tango.


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Trending Now: Bruce Campbell, Sonia Shah, Steve Brodner

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Check out the latest updates from our speakers!


Bruce Campbell has teamed up with Wizard World and Cinedigm to host a new game show for CONtv called Last Fan Standing. The first episode airs on Monday, March 9th.


Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson takes a few minutes to answer live questions from Snap Chat Users.


Sonia Shah discusses the importance of remaining vigilant in our efforts to eradicate diseases like Malaria.  “If we relax our efforts, even for a moment, this thing will come back and be worse than before”


Head over to the Hollywood Reporter for Steve Brodner’s cartoons of ‘Rejected Oscar Moments’.


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Happy 2015!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and is ready for a healthy and productive year in 2015!


Let’s get caught up on what some of our speakers have been up to:


On December 17, 2014, New York  Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned the practice of high-volume hydraulic fracturing (of shale formations) in New York State. Congratulations to Dr. Sandra Steingraber and all others whose hard work helped lead to this important decision.


Founder of Microsoft and noted philanthropist, Bill Gates, recommends Sonia Shah’s book  The Fever, saying:  “If you want to read just one book about malaria, The Fever is probably the best choice…it’s a great overview of malaria, its impact, and the solutions to it.”


Head over to the NYT for  Stephanie Coontz’ latest editorial “The New Deal and Civil Rights Helped Make the Dream More Attainable”.


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The Ebola Post: Read what leading experts have to say

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

These days, if you turn on the TV or radio or read a newspaper, you’re bound to see something about Ebola. Here’s what two experts –Sonia Shah and David Quammen– have to say:


Coming to U.S. book stores in October 2014


Quammen gives readers a bigger picture of the current Ebola outbreak in his newest book, writing,


…”it’s already ten times larger in terms of case fatalities—ten times more punishing to Africans, ten times more scary and befuddling to people around the world—than any single outbreak of an ebolavirus (there are five kinds) during the previous known history of the disease.”


By drawing on his own field research in African forests to discover the historical, geographic and scientific aspects of Ebola, Quammen feeds not only readers’ awareness of information but rather their rich knowledge surrounding what our world is currently facing.








sonia graphic

Sonia’s presentation on the spread of Cholera


Last month, Sonia Shah presented “Rethinking New Diseases,” at TedMed 2014 in Washington, DC. Shah loves talking about the the past, present, and future of cholera and other emerging infectious diseases and never ignores the opportunity to do so with the public. If you want to get some firsthand Sonia-knowledge, check out a free event at the New York Academy of Medicine where she’ll be discussing Cholera alongside Doctors Without Borders using the brand-new beautiful graphics we’ve shared above.


What else is trending? Wade Davis  was the keynote speaker at the Diversity Conference this past week at the College at Brockport and Dr. Charles Johnson has this new cartoon to keep you thinking about the power of education (below).






Trending Now: Sonia Shah, Lorene Cary, Ted Conover

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


In connection with her tenure as the Ottaway Prof of Journalism at SUNY, Sonia Shah has launched a new investigative website on Lyme disease.


Lorene Cary, author of If Sons, Then Heirs and Black Ice, speaks about her novels in-depth through an online interview with Deborah Kalb. Stay tuned for her new website focusing on acts of kindness and social work that protects school children!


Ted Conover, author of Rolling NowhereThe Routes of Man and Coyotes has been featured on as an adventurer, father and a man consumed by the beauties of wanderlust.


Jodi enjoys a recent visit with authors David Guterson (far left) and Dr. Charles Johnson (far right)!  You can imagine the great stories and conversation that were had!


Jodi, Guterson, Johnson 7-21-14



Check out the latest adventure from Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder.


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Trending Now: Walsh-Kennedy Memorial, Wade Davis, and more!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

We would like to take a minute to honor and remember two fallen hometown heroes: Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and Firefighter Michael R. Kennedy of the Boston Fire Department.


A Lieutenant Walsh – Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund has been established, donations can be made here.


Here’s what some of our speakers have been up to this week:


Former NFL cornerback and You Can Play executive director Wade Davis gave two presentations last week to NFL owners, coaches and front office executives at the annual owners meetings. Wade’s talk addressed sexual orientation and homophobia in the locker room.


In the Washington Post, renowned feminist speaker and author Jessica Valenti describes why we need to keep talking about rape culture.


The Boston Globe covers Kathleen Hanna’s reemergence with the Julie Ruin.


Radiolab chats with Sonia Shah about the difficulties of sharing a planet with mosquitoes and with science writer David Quammen about the risks of getting rid of them.


At Wired Science, Charles C. Mann describes why renewables aren’t enough and clean coal has to be part of our future energy strategy.


That’s all for today – be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video.


Weekly Round Up: Football and the Farm Bill

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

We are gearing up for the NACA 2014 Conference right here in our home city of Boston! We look forward to seeing everyone there!


We hope that everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl! Congratulations to our friends in Seattle and condolences to our friends in Denver!


Be sure to check out NPR’s sit-down with Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, author of Newton’s Football, to discuss the science behind the sport.


Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson  had some thought provoking Super Bowl observations to share with us on Twitter throughout the game:




Still haven’t gotten enough football? Check out investigative journalist and speaker Dan Moldea‘s groundbreaking book Interference which chronicles the connection between the mafia and the NFL.


And in non-sporting news…


We would like to congratulate Sonia Shah, speaker and award-winning journalist who covers science and international human rights issues, on being named as New Paltz’s 2014 James H. Ottaway Sr. Visiting Professor of Journalism. In this recent lecture, Ms. Shah discusses 3 reasons why we still haven’t gotten rid of malaria.


Raffi Cavoukian,  legendary children’s singer of “Bananaphone”, talks with the Huffington Post about the need for increased regulation over what he terms the “dark web”.  His recent book Lightweb Darkweb, is a warning to parents about the Internet’s hidden dangers and the need for government and corporate intervention to “reform social media before it re-forms us.”


Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield farms, writes an Op Ed piece for Roll Call which highlights the successes and the shortcomings of the recently passed 2014 Farm Bill:


“There are several important achievements in the bill for which committee members deserve credit, among them: ending direct payments; compliance with existing conservation requirements to qualify for crop insurance; the inclusion of a pilot project in the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables; and enhanced flexibility for the international food assistance program.

But the legislative effort should have yielded so much more. Food and agriculture systems in the United States and around the world face fundamental long-term challenges posed by resource scarcity, population growth, climate change, invasive pests, pathogens and diseases, rising consumer incomes in low- and middle-income countries, and shifts in relative economic power. These challenges demand forward-looking leadership. The 2014 farm bill did not provide it.”


That’s all from us for today– be sure to check back on Friday for our weekly video!!