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Trending Now: Sandra Steingraber, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jessica Valenti

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

What does the anti-fracking and the climate movements have to do with one another? EcoWatch posted a speech by Sandra Steingraber, who has been campaigning for anti-fracking, explaining the correlation between the two.


Host of  “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, was featured on a  “StarTalk”  broadcast with the creator of  “Cosmos,” Ann Druyan. Get a peek into what it’s like behind the scenes of this Emmy-winning science documentary!


Jessica Valenti, author of  The Purity Myth and advocate for third-wave feminism, wrote an interesting column about virginity on The Guardian US.


Cornell professor and mathematics wiz, Steven Strogatz, writes about how simple physics and trigonometry can determine the inclination of a steep hill  on Huffington Post.


Join Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder on his latest adventure:


emery jones


Trending Now: Dr. Steven Strogatz, Dr. Robert Bullard, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Here is the latest from our speakers who are making headlines:


Outstanding math scholar, Dr. Steven Strogatz, will be showing us how to stimulate our minds and desires with mathematics at the Santa Fe Institute tomorrow. Be prepared at 7:30 PM to learn everything there is to know about numbers! Cornell professor also delves into how “one new thing leads to another” with a colorful diagram and the use of mathematical sense.


The Sierra Club, a prominent grassroots environmental organization, has reported that a novel award will be generated in the name of Dr. Robert Bullard for his work in environmental research and activism.


This year’s Apostacon event will feature documentary host of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson— their most eminent host thus far. Get your tickets to the largest convention that headlines speakers and figures whom concentrate on atheism, science and skepticism on September 19 to 21 in Omaha, Nebraska.


Richard Rodriguez, author of the acclaimed Brown: The Last Discovery of America, declares that there is a decline in news literacy in a brief Q&A with New America Media.


Enrique Moronesthe founder and executive director of Border Angels, will be one of the riveting panelists to discuss the exodus of refugees at UCCLM’s Friendship Hall on Sunday, August 17th, at 3:00 PM. Morones lives by the values of benevolence and rationality– you wouldn’t want to miss this! 


Kathleen Hanna, the muse of documentary “The Punk Singer,”  is recognized by performer Miley Cyrus on popular photo- and video-sharing app, Instagram, when Hanna was in her Bikini Kill days. Do we smell a feminist and musical collaboration?


Author of the infamous Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage, Stephanie Coontz, gets an excerpt of her interview from  Mama: Dispatches from the Frontline of Love quoted onto about parenting.


Want a good laugh? Well,  Emery Jones – Boy Science Wonder lets us in on his latest adventure.



Weekly Round Up: We Applaud Michael Sam’s Courageous Announcement

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Wow what an amazing week — we congratulate Michael Sam for his courageous announcement.  Openly gay former NFL defensive back Wade Davis tells why he thinks the league is ready for Sam.




With less than a month to go until the March 9th premier of Cosmos — Look for Neil deGrasse Tyson to be featured in a special double issue of the New Yorker magazine, on newsstands tomorrow!


Congratulations to Spencer Overton on being selected as new interim CEO of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.


The American Association for the Advancement of Science has named Steven Strogatz the recipient of the 2013 AAAS Public Engagement with Science Award .


President and senior scientist of ORCA, Edith Widder, will be leading an important first-of-its-kind research project in the Indian River Lagoon.


The Harvard Gazette profiles Lewis Hyde and gives us an excerpt from the current draft of Lewis Hyde’s forthcoming book Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


That’s all for us today – check back on Friday for our weekly video!


Weekly Round Up: From Gender Equality to Net Neutrality

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Happy Tuesday!


Looks like our neighbors on the East coast are bracing for another snowstorm over the next few days, stay safe and stay warm!  We hope that everyone celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday!   We honor his legacy and work and encourage folks to remember him in giving back to their communities.


Here’s a look at what some of our speakers were up to this past week.


The reimagined Cosmos series starring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson will premier March 9th on FOX!  Seth MacFarlane-the show’s executive  producer and star Dr. Tyson  talk about the show with USA Today, Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, the Wrap, the LA Times, Zap2It, Channel Guide, TV Equals, Chron, Mother Nature Network, National Monitor, Engadget, and International Business Times.  Whew!


Five years out from the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Ledbetter herself takes to the pages of the Washington Post to urge further action toward closing the gender pay gap.


In the pages of the New York Times, Dr. Stephanie Coontz responds to Maria Shriver’s star-studded offering, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, taking the reader through the gendered economy of the US, past and present.  “Whether they realize it or not, men now have a direct stake in policies that advance gender equity.”


Mother Jones asks Kathleen Hanna to share what she listens to, 16 years after Bikini Kill.  She tells the Guardian, “I don’t feel like an icon at all, more like a singing social worker, or a person with a bizarre back story..”  At the Rumpus, she answers questions on topics from technology and recording processes available in her different musical projects to her abortion at age 15, paid for with her McDonald’s wages.


At the Huffington Post, law scholar Spencer Overton avers that a bipartisan Voting Rights Act is possible.


“I was born in a culture where music was breath,” quotes Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon as saying.  “If you start to sing as soon as you start to talk, then there’s no separation between talking and singing.”


The Mathematical Association of America awards Steven StrogatzJoy of X its 2014 Euler Book Prize for showing “that these subjects have a beautiful side, a playful side, a mysterious side, and a practical side even in our present-day cyberculture.”


At io9, Annalee Newitz shares the results of a tech company’s experiment, proving that “booth babes” do not increase sales.  She also covers the latest threat to net neutrality.


Tucson Weekly takes a retrospective on Ted Conover’s landmark 1987 book Coyotes, wherein the author joined migrants struggling to cross the US-Mexico border, marveling that the tome, with all its tales of desperation, “is now a quaint anecdote compared to the unimaginable horror today’s migrants face in an era of increased post-Sept. 11 anti-terror border vigilance and drug-running sociopaths.”


Anticipating his performance in Nanaimo, its newspaper writes of Raffi, “Whether it’s singing ‘Bananaphone’ or calling upon the Canadian government to consider ‘reasonable regulations on the Internet,’ Raffi’s endeavors are often aimed at making the world a better place for its youngest inhabitants.”  Similarly, Kelowna’s newspaper interviews Raffi in anticipation of his appearance, asking what about children he finds inspirational.  “Children are the embodiment of joy. They seek meaning in life and they do it in wonder-filled ways.”


Did you know there are nearly 5,000 extant varieties of potato?  Peppered with fun facts about the tuber’s history, Charles C. Mann at the Smithsonian writes how this New World crop fed empire and gave rise to modern industrial agriculture.


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